Magento Shipping Integration with Circle

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Magento Shipping Integration with Circle

We are excited to announce our newest partner: Magento. Magento is a customizable shopping cart provider for ecommerce retailers. Users can easily build up a robust and scalable online stores with variety of plug-ins and hundreds of themes. Magento is the world’s #1 commerce platform with more than 250,000 users, and aims to boost users’ online sales while maximizing gross margins.


How you can benefit from Circle + Magento

1.Magento Orders Sync

Circle will import your Magento orders automatically once you connect your store. When you sell an item on your Magento store, all relevant order data will appear in Circle app, such as buyer’s information, product details, shipping data and so on.

2. Automatically upload shipping info

All your tracking details will be spontaneously uploaded to Magento. No more manually copying and pasting.

3. Inform your customers with package info

Wanna inform recipients with updated package info? Select your e-mail preference.

4. Multi-Carriers & Multi-Channels

Real time rates for both international and domestic services from major carriers: UPS, FedEx, and USPS. UPS and FedEx Pick up requests available.

Don’t worry if you have multiple stores. Circle has integrated with many other channels, such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce, Etsy, Paypal, Wish, WooCommerce and more. See all Circle integrations.

5. Built in Deep Discount

Circle offers UPS discount up to 77% off on International services, 54% off on Ground, 50% off on Declared value charge, and 40% off on residential surcharge.

Commercial Plus Pricing for USPS services.

6. Process in Batch

Easily manage your Magento orders by editing in batch, importing and exporting in Excel format. With only one click, creating labels in batch to save time.

7. 24/6 Customer Services

Live chat, Phone and email, Circle’s friendly and helpful shipping consultants are always here when you need help.

How to connect your Magento store with

Step1. Go to your Magento Store and obtain the Store URL. The Store URL can be found in Stores>Configuration>General>Web>Base URLs(Or Base URLs(Secure) for http configuration).

Step2. Enter your Store URL, and click “Save”, you will then get two different URLs as following:【Callback URL】【Identity Link URL】.

Step3. Go to your Magento admin page, find “SYSTEM”, and click Extensions->Integration.

Step4. Click “Add New Integration”, enter your Name, Email, Callback URL, Identity Link URL, and Current User Identity Verification. After that, click into “API”, choose “Sales”, and then Save it.

Step5. Activate your integration status, click “Allow” at the top-right corner, then wait until the interaction page show up. If the white page shows up, please repeat step 2.

Step6. Check the integration’s status to “Active”, go back to this page, click “Test Connection”. If it successes, click “OK” at the bottom of the page. If not, please check your Callback URL and Identity Link URL.

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