7 Holiday Season Shipping Tips e-sellers Need to Know! Save $924,600 by shipping with Circle.

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7 Holiday Season Shipping Tips e-sellers Need to Know! Save $924,600 by shipping with Circle.

The 2017 holiday season is right around the corner. For businesses, small and big, shipping is an important part to help you get success during the busiest time of the year. Here are 7 shipping tips from Circle.us to help you handle your soaring shipments during the holiday season.

Do you know you could save $231,150 during holiday seasons by shipping with Circle. Learn more at the end of this post.

1. Put the calendar in your mind.

Keep an eye on all shipping dates and deadlines to ensure your customers receive their packages on time. Here is a calendar for you. Save this Calendar to your desktop.

2. Forecast the demand early.

Predict peak season demand based on your sales in previous years. Track orders and results of promotion in September and early October to estimate how the demand will be in November and December.

3. Never short on supplies.

Stock up on supplies to make sure you never run out of supplies. Don’t worry about overstocking, you will need them always. The last thing you want to see is lacking supplies when all your orders are ready to ship. If possible, prepack as much as you. Contact Circle.us for ordering free supplies.

4. Compare shipping cost to save more.

Figure out the cost with different carriers in advance and choose the best one for your products. The shipping rate depends on the weight and dimensions of your package, how far you are sending the package, and how soon you need it to arrive. Most carriers allow users to figure out the cost of services online. However, getting rate one by one from different carriers is time-consuming. You can use a software as service, or SaaS for quickly estimating shipping rates. Circle.us offers rate calculator tool to help you compare rates among FedEx, UPS and USPS. Moreover, Circle.us provides discount on shipping labels up to 78% for international shipping, 51% for domestic shipping. Estimate the rate to see how much you could save.

5. Hire temporary employees.

Add some extra labor depends on the size of your business to avoid any delays. Friends and families can be good sources for you. Also, remember to provide necessary training to make sure your new employees understand the shipping process. Offering some extra incentives to have people join your team.

6. Protect your package with insurance.

Can you image how many packages there will be during the holiday season? Billions. A large portion packages might get lost, damaged, or stolen. Allocating part of your budget for insurance will definitely worth it. Contact Circle.us for free signature service and insurance at rate of $0.45/$100.

7. Be ready for customer service challenges.

Shipping and return issues are unavoidable during the holiday season. Be prepared as much as you can for the increased customer service volume by training your staff, or notifying your consumers about return process in advance.


Which one is the most valuable and important tip for e-sellers? Save money on shipping!

How much you could save by shipping with Circle? Let us calculate that for you.

Randy has been using Circle over 3 years. He sells around 2500 hoverboards per month directly to customers on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, and distributors.

All hoverboards are stored in Circle warehouse located in Chino, CA, and are sent to customers all over the world.

How much Randy saved each year by using Circle? $924,600

How much it cost Randy to ship a hoverboard with and without Circle?

From CA to Salt Lake City, UT.

UPS Ground. Save $11.57  41%OFF

From CA to Iowa City, IA.

UPS Ground. Save $21.35   41%OFF

From CA to New York City

UPS Ground. Save $24.55   41%OFF

From CA to Toronto, Canada.

UPS Ground. Save $269.79   78.5%OFF

40% of Randy’s hoverboards are sold to west, 30% are sold to east, 25% are sold to middle part, rest are sold out of US.

Then, it is an easy math question.

Total year save: 12 month x (2500 x 40% x $11.57 + 2500 x 30% x $24.55 + 2500 x 25% x $21.35 + 2500 x 5% x $269.79) = $924,600

Yes. It is the number!! $924,600

Circle helps all our users to save on shipping. Check out today to see how much you could save on shipping using Circle Rate Calculator.

Learn more about how Circle provides lower rate, and why sellers choose Circle over others.


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For more information, please talk with our shipping consultant. Contact us.

Circle.us is here during the holiday season to make everyone’s holiday special.

If you have any holiday shipping tips to share, please do not hesitate to comment below.

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