How to get $50 Amazon eGift Card? Tips and Details.

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How to get $50 Amazon eGift Card? Tips and Details.

Circle prepares over 10,000 Amazon eGift Card for everyone! In this post, you will be guided in getting the maximum $50 Amazon eGift Card.


Step 1: Get the first $5.

Click here or Log into your Circle account, click “Referrals” in the main menu.

Share your unique invitation link with at least 3 friends to sign up and activate their Circle accounts.

Simply ask your friends to Sign up a Circle account and activate the link in emails. It only takes 2 minutes. You and your friend do not need to pay any fee doing this.

Step 2: Get extra $10, $20, $30……

Once your friends activate their Circle account, ask them to link their selling channels.

Click “Start to Connect” button on the home Page, or under Settings in the main menu.

Choose one marketplace to connect. Please let your friends to contact us if their selling channels are not listed, or they have their own website to connect.

You will receive an extra $10 Amazon eGift Card for every friend linking their selling channels. ($20 when 2 of your friends link their selling channels, $30 for 3, $40 for 4)

Moreover, your friends will receive $5 Amazon eGift Card for linking their selling channels.

Once 4 of your friends connect their selling channels, you could receive extra $40 Amazon eGift Card. When over 10 of your friends make the connection, you could receive another $5 Amazon eGift Card.

How much in total you could get?

$5 + $40 + $5 = $50


*Details and Rules you need to know:

Event time: Dec 11th, 2017 12:00am - Dec 31st, 2017 11:59pm

The result will be announced via emails and on Circle Facebook & Twitter on Jan 2nd, 2018

Your Amazon eGift Card will be sent out anytime between Jan 3rd to Jan 5th via emails. (If you prefer receiving in message, please contact us. )

You can get up to $50 Amazon eGift Card.

Amazon eGift Cards never expire and carry no fees. Redeemable towards millions of items store-wide at or certain affiliated websites.
Your friends’ selling channels must be accessible and active, and at least one product on sale.

You still receive $10 Amazon eGift Card when your friends link more than one selling channels.

You can change your gift card to same value Circle shipping credits.

Circle reserves the right to provide final interpretation of the event.

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