Only 9% of People Can Solve This Question And Get Prize, Can You?

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Only 9% of People Can Solve This Question And Get Prize, Can You?

2018, Circle.US, united UPS, FedEx and USPS hide a great treasure secretly somewhere. No one knows where it is. But they leave a puzzle for people. It’s a clue, definitely. And it’s claimed that only 9% of people can solve the puzzle and find that treasure.

Whatever, this is the puzzle. Good luck!

Miley loves traveling. She always buys some souvenirs and ships to Los Angeles, CA 90002 where her best friend Rebecca lives. Today, Miley comes to a street where there are five stores with different color houses next to each other in Houston, TX 77002. The owners are Alex, Billy, Cathline, David, and Ella. Every person has one’s own favorite music, sells different products on different platforms.

  1. Alex owns the red store.
  2. Billy sells T-shirts.
  3. Ella likes Jazz.
  4. The green store is just to the left of the white one.
  5. The owner of the green store likes Rap.
  6. The store owner sells hats on Bigcommerce.
  7. The owner of the yellow store sells on Amazon.
  8. The owner of the center store likes Blue.
  9. Cathline owns the first store.
  10. The eBay store owner has a neighbor who sells bags.
  11. The Shopify store owner likes County Music.
  12. The owner who sells postcards lives next to the Amazon store owner.
  13. David sells on Magento.
  14. Cathline’s store is next to the blue store.
  15. The eBay store owner has a neighbor who likes Classical Music.

The question to be answered is:

  1. Who sells the books?
  2. Miley buys 2 books from the bookstore. The total weight is 2kg, dimensions are 20cm * 15cm *5cm. How much will Miley cost if she chooses UPS ground service? Click Circle.US Shipping Calculator and find the answer.

You can share this with your family and friends and do together. Send the answer to with the title “I Solve The Puzzle And Find The Treasure”.

We will choose 10 persons who get the right answer and offer the 5 Amazon credits for each person every 3 months in 2018.

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