How to Ship to One FBA Warehouse & Avoid Amazon FBA Split Shipments

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How to Ship to One FBA Warehouse & Avoid Amazon FBA Split Shipments

Split FBA shipments are the worst for Amazon sellers.


FBA fulfillment allows Amazon to shorten delivery times, which contributes greatly to better customer satisfaction and also save time for sellers to do better on selling because of the FBA smart shipment distribution system. And Amazon’s “mystery formula” is always changing.

However, there is no denying that for all the value FBA brings to the table, it can also be a significant cost. It is expensive, inconvenient and may cut even deeper into profit margins, especially for new Amazon seller. As the news source explained, merchants have two options: they can use distributed inventory placement, which will have merchants send inventory to fulfillment centers across the country, or use the inventory placement service to avoid having to split up orders.

So are there any way to avoid Amazon FBA split shipment? The following methods might help.

  1. Inventory Placement Service

Inventory placement service allows sellers to send multiple items within the same SKU all to a single warehouse. This can reduce shipping costs by a significant margin.

The inventory placement service sounds ideal on paper, but it does come with additional costs that retailers must pay. For each product sent to FBA locations via inventory placement, retailers must pay an additional 30 to 40 cents (or perhaps even more, in specific cases of heavy or oversized items).


Step-by-Step Guide on How to Ship to One Fulfillment Center

This is actually really easy to do and doesn’t take a lot of steps. A few clicks and you could be saving thousands of dollars!

Step 1. Go to Your Amazon Sellers Account

Go to Your Amazon Sellers Account


Step 2. Go to the Amazon Fulfillment Settings

Go to the Amazon Fulfillment Settings

Step 3. Edit the “Inbound Settings”

Edit the “Inbound Settings”

Step 4. Change the Inventory Placement Option


Change the Inventory Placement Option

Step 5. Confirm it Updated


Confirm it Updated

  1. Delete Tiny Shipment (But Maybe with Risk of Amazon Punishment)

For example, Listing 100 books. 90 go to one FBA warehouse. The other 10 are split between 5 other FBA warehouses. So delete the 5 tiny shipments, set them aside, and hope Amazon doesn’t subject to this cruelty the next time I list (they usually don’t).

It can be effective at circumventing a split FBA shipment. It is also effective at delaying profits and driving me crazy. But think about carefully because you try this method.

  1. Send to Other Fulfillment Center Before FBA in the USA

If retailers get to send their shipments to nearby fulfillment locations instead of distribution centers all across the country, SKUs will be sent to nearby FBA warehouse all. On top of that, it may result in faster processing times, resulting in items going live on marketplaces more quickly, according to Full-Time FBA. Fulfillment Center has more 10 warehouses near FBA in different states of USA and supports Amazon return and label change. The most important is that all warehouses are free for the first month. Great for choice for sellers to prepare products before Amazon Prime Day 2018.

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